The world around us is changing rapidly and profoundly. We are all aware of the power of the mutations we are experiencing. Facing huge social challenges, the mobility of our students is a solution to adapt to the stakes and succeed in their social, personal and professional life.

The last few years, we made the decision to open up and to give access to the culture of mobility. It is in this sense that the OEC Group entered with full conviction this formative experience with the appointment of Frédéric ROUSSELLE in charge of the development of international openness.Thus, the mobility is a point of excellence for the entire OEC group. The challenge is to give young people confidence and allow them a greater relevance.

For us, the key is their success. The cultural vitality contributes to living together and social cohesion. Training young people is a formidable challenge and a great responsibility for any educational institution. Good journey on the paths of mobility.

Christophe LEROY, Directeur du groupe OEC

Frédéric ROUSSELLE, Directeur adjoint en charge des échanges internationaux

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