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The stakes regarding opening up to wider world are important priorities for our institution. Convinced of the added value of an international experience for students and pupils, the OEC Group aims to develop its international partnerships.

« International at the heart of our future »


Establish, maintain and further develop friendships in an international context and therefore building a network while developing its linguistic capacity.

Get an overview of the operation of other countries, to be able to compare and integrate the managerial and cultural differences.

Learning to think differently, developing a certain openness of spirit by discovering other young people and understanding their cultures.

The initiation to different learning method and experiment with new practices to create more diversified knowledge.

Upgrade its professional assets; discover what happen behind the borders of his country, develop capacities of adaptation and autonomy.

Studying or staying abroad is a rewarding experience that allows the student to develop a new way of being and a new know-how it is a richer experience humanly and intellectually, he will be able to grasp the future with new perspectives.

In order to include the international dimension and its business environment which become essential nowadays, we propose you :

A partnership and the involvement in cultural exchanges through an educative school journey. For teachers and their international students, our team proposes to you to organize a project tailored to meet your expectations as best as possible and make this exchange an unforgettable experience. In the program, participation in interactive courses and various activities, such as cultural visits and sports activities.

Why develop a common partnership ?

Educational factors :
The OEC group is recognized for its culture and educational project, which aims not only to deliver a diploma but also to bring a global human dimension for a life long success. The degree of recognition of diplomas: 2D-Origin flashcode is a revolutionary technology. Applied on a paper diploma, it guarantees the origin, the authenticity and the integrity. It is inviolable and has legal force. This flashcode contains: modern version of the seal, which was formerly affixed to paper documents, it contains an electronic signature with probative value.

Practical factors :
The facilities and equipment of the OEC Group are at the cutting edge of technology. We have a technical platform to learn how to set up and use industrial machines. All classrooms are equipped with computers and machines adapted for each training. The OEC group is given a budget to support mobility projects, and each year, in addition to help from the region and various organizations, our students undertake actions to raise additional funds. The goal is to cover expenses when traveling abroad.

Cultural factors :
French cultural sites are places where history, art and culture come alive: Visit a historic place, go to an exhibition, attend a festival, discover the French know-how, walk in the footsteps of famous people … Both day and night, French heritage and culture is offered to you. During your stay, you will live like the French and you will discover the regions, the local products, the traditions, the local markets and many others.

Geographical proximity :
 »Hauts de France » area, in which the OEC Group is located, stands out because of its young spirit and dynamism. With a population of about one million inhabitants and six European capitals within a radius of 250 kilometers, Lille is located in the heart of Europe and has excellent transport links with Great Britain, the Benelux countries, Germany and Central Europe.

Economic assets :
There is growing international interest in cultural heritage as a development and identity issue. The aim is to develop French know-how, to share knowledge with other countries. The wealth of the economic fabric of our region allows us to privileged contacts with the professional world. We can organize visits to make you discover French companies and their expertise. We are always willing and enthusiastic for intercultural exchanges. We want to allow our students to make mobility a year to give them a multicultural thought but also to build a network while learning another language.

Interested in a partnership ? For more information, please contact :

Mr. Frederic ROUSSELLE
Director – Office of Corporate Relations
Phone: +33 3 20 21 96 50