The link school / enterprises

The fundamental principle of « Mini-Entreprises »:

Students create a company which works like a Limited Company or a Cooperative Society, framed by « Entreprendre Pour Apprendre » (EPA Association). The project takes place over a school year. Each student has held a position with specific responsibilities as if they were young entrepreneur. They design, produce and market, goods or services taking into account administrative and financial management.

An added value for students :

The mini-business dynamics contributes to develop among students, professional skills that matched the company’s requirements. This program plays a very important role in term of personal and human development. It promotes cooperation, create discussion, give self-confidence and give full scope for initiative and individual responsibility. Indeed, students who have the teamwork culture will foster dialogue, cooperation and interaction in their professional lives.The involvement in several competitions is for our student’s experiences that stimulates the joint construction and develop a team spirit. The involvement in various competitions is an experience that drives the co-construction and develops team spirit. This investment in specific activities allows our students to reason differently.

Performance :

Through their motivation, their efforts and hard work, our students from EPIL won in May 2015, the regional competition of mini-companies. Our young people are involved with passion and enthusiasm in these projects that infuse the entrepreneurial spirit.

The concept « Ecobike »:

The smartphone is an indispensable tool in the everyday routines. Indeed, many people have to recharge their phones during the day. Cycling enthusiast and based on this observation, young entrepreneurs of EPIL high school have invented a housing that can charge his mobile phone while pedaling.

International :

Our European neighbors have also developed this idea of pushing young people to undertake. You can find a range of information on the site